Why You Should Invest In An Order Management System

Nowadays when everything happens in a few minutes, customer expectations have changed. Now it is not possible to retain customers just by offering quality products. Customers now expect and want, same-day delivery options, pay later options, engaging content and much more to keep their loyalty with a company. In such a case, it is essential to stand on the expectations of the customers. And to provide them with the best service it is necessary to have an effective order management system. 

If you are wondering what an order management system is, it is a tool that can help you to track sales, orders, stock and fulfilment of the order. Using an OMS it is easier to track each and every detail of the order and manage a lot of your work with ease. But how do you choose a good order management system? A good order management system includes:

  • Centralised order management system
  • Inventory management
  • Multiple payment options
  • Fulfilment points integration
  • Customer management

Now that you know what an order management system is and what are the features of good OMS, let’s discuss why you need one. 

  1. Easy order management- Right from the time when a customer places an order on the platform to the fulfilment of the order, OMS automates everything. It will gather details from all the touchpoints and maintain a record. Also, it will automatically update the inventory and keep track of stock left to avoid any stockouts. 

If a customer faces a problem while placing an order, it can make a bad impression of your brand. If a customer faces the problem repetitively, you can even lose the customer. To avoid this you can get in touch with Magento eCommerce Consulting experts, who can guide you through the process and help you improve your OMS.

2. Customer service– Customers service has been an important part of the eCommerce business. And with an efficacious order management system, you can give excellent customer service. As information about each and every touchpoint gets captured in the order management system, you can inform the customer about the estimated delivery time via email or SMS.

3. Inventory management– When you get an order management system, it enormously helps you in managing your inventory. Just when a customer will place an order, the OMS will update the inventory levels. This enables all the concerned departments to check the present stock levels of all the products in one place. In the long run, it helps in avoiding stockouts. 

4. Multi-store fulfilment– Generally, eCommerce sites have multiple stores to fulfil the order requirement. The benefit of an order management system is that when a person places the order, OMS can automatically select the nearest store that can fulfil the order and deliver the product. This enables the fast delivery of the product and helps you serve better to your customers. 

All in all, having an effective order management system is no longer a requirement but a necessity for eCommerce stores. From better customer service to easy order management, you can get it all with a good OMS. If you have an eCommerce store and want to upgrade your store, you can get in touch with RVS Media. We provide Magento Consulting Services and help our clients to grow their eCommerce business.

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