Why you Should Live Stream your Next Business Event

An event requires a great deal of work to put on. Events can offer a deceptively high return on investment, but only if you know how to maximise each one, whether you’re planning a modest expert Q&A forum at your workplace or going all out and sponsoring a sizable conference in another city.

But how exactly do you do that?

Making a video is one of the best ways to do it! Using video to document your event is a really easy method to make it memorable and a very economical approach to boost brand awareness, engagement, and authority.

The best part is that event films may be utilised before, during, and after an event to increase lead generation, increase web advertising and marketing efforts, and more.

Capturing the essence, tone, and purpose of your event should be the main objective of your video. Capturing it while balancing the overall messaging of your brand can be challenging. Not to mention that organising an event is challenging and time-consuming in and of itself. Including the logistics of shooting—from selecting the best event management software to setting up, delivering, and tearing down—can seem overly complicated or burdensome.

We’re here to tell you that’s not the case, though! If you have a strong team on your side, filming an event is actually fairly easy, and the advantages are significant.

Let’s examine some of the ways that filming your upcoming event could benefit both you and your company.

Your event’s duration and audience may be increased by filming it.

The one major negative of events is that they rarely last long enough to have a substantial impact on your marketing efforts. Your event may expose your brand to hundreds of attendees, or you may hand out flyers that people will keep for a long time, but its reach is only as wide as those attendees.

This isn’t the case though when you record it! Recording your event offers the following two main advantages:

1. Its length has grown. Your event will always be remembered if you record it; even if people weren’t there, they will be able to see that it happened and even take part in it in the future.

2. It expands its remit. If your event is only accessible to locals due to a lack of publicity or funding, video enables you to stream your event to thousands of people in real time across the nation and around the globe! They only need a video link to attend your event.

In this regard, video serves as a perpetual gift.

Take into account all of the leads you get at a live event, including emails added to a contact list, business cards distributed as prizes, and simple follow-up emails from individuals you talk with. Although each of these things is excellent, they cannot scale on their own.

Video has made them scalable. Using video, you may continue to get leads from people whenever and wherever. Video can preserve all of the relevant information and continue to be useful to individuals who are interested even after your event has ended.

By recording your event, you may share more dynamic content.

Undoubtedly, you already have too many marketing-related tasks on your plate. Along with other things, you probably have to update your website, email list, and social media pages. Not only is there a lot to accomplish, but finding the best, most interesting, and most pertinent information to post also requires a lot of time and work.

The use of event video is also advantageous in this circumstance. One of the most compelling forms of content is video, which drives sales more effectively than other types of content.

Think about the following numbers:

• Video is preferred by 72 percent of consumers to text when learning about a product or service.

• Companies that use video have a 66 percent higher online conversion rate.

• In 2017, companies that employed video saw a 49% faster increase in sales than those who didn’t.

You should therefore utilise video whenever possible. Particularly, event video can be used virtually anywhere on your website, including the primary sites, blog pages, email correspondence, social network pages, sales funnels, and more. Even incorporating your event video on the landing page of an advertisement is an excellent way to increase direct sales with little more work.

Event footage can be used at any stage of the purchasing process.

You’ve prepared your event, then. You’re aware that you want to introduce potential customers to your company, but you’re also interested in what else this event might provide besides fresh eyes.

The beauty of event films is that they may be used at all stages of a customer’s decision-making process, not simply for people who don’t know who you are.

Events also provide your brand exposure to new audiences. Use your event video in advertisements, optimise your website for video, or use video to boost your SEO to swiftly reach new audiences. Whatever the situation, event videos can assist your company in expanding its audience by establishing a problem and then providing a solution.

In the centre of the funnel, users are evaluating their options, doing research, and essentially learning more. This is the perfect chance to use an event video to showcase your business knowledge, quietly guiding customers through the sales process and retaining their attention.

At the bottom of the funnel, event videos can encourage user sign-ups, increase sales through event video testimonials, or act as gated content to aid in closing the deal. Consider unconventional uses for event video, such as enhancing customised sales messages.

Let’s get filming!

There are several compelling reasons to record your upcoming event on video. Many companies record events without thinking about the marketing advantages, choosing instead to completely record the event and use it internally.

Filming should be one of your top objectives for your next event, regardless of the cause. The benefit of filming events, especially for video production firms, is that it requires very little planning. All that is required of event video production companies is the event information and a brief description of the day’s activities. They can set up shop in one spot and shoot the entire event from start to finish, or they can catch key speakers, events, networking opportunities, and more.

Consider how you’ll use your event video and make sure you get all of the footage you’ll need.

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