The Power of Accessories: Elevating Your Look with the Right Accents

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Have you seen this TikTok trend? Where a fashionista shows the differences between simply wearing your clothes and styling your clothes? Little changes elevate the entire look. A shirt tucked here, some layered chains there, and some fun hair clips, and suddenly it is a whole new look. So, how exactly do you work this practical magic with your outfits?

We are here to show you how to take your outfits from basic to bespoke with the addition of a few key accessories. 

Start at The Top

Let’s begin at the top – your hair. Hair can be styled in a variety of ways that can change the vibe and style of your outfit in an instant. A hair clip can be sophisticated, playful, or sexy depending on the styling. 

Retro & Playful 

Y2K fashion has been all over the runways and in every it-girls closet. Butterfly clips are making a huge comeback. These playful and colorful clips are a great way to add a level of fun to any outfit. 

Versatility of the Claw

“The Claw” may conjure up images from a childhood movie about toys, but hair claws have become the most popular way to sweep your hair out of your face. Claw clips have become a staple in many fashionistas’ arsenal. These clips can be chic and simple or colorful and playful. Some clips even come in fun shapes. Love your dog? You can get a  claw clip in the shape of a pooch that looks like your own furbaby. 

Scrunchie Time 

Similar to claw clips, scrunchies are having a big moment. Hair scrunchies can be sporty and simple or elegant and girly. Try playing with fun fabrics – velvet, taffeta, or silk can all make for a signature scrunchie you’ll want to wear every day. 

Your hairstyle can change the vibe of any outfit. Playing with new hair accessories is an excellent way to elevate and change your look. 

Bits & Baubles 

Jewelry can be big and bold or soft and delicate. It is an excellent way to show personality and change your whole look. There are a million different ways to style signature and statement pieces to take your thrifted or discount designer clothes to the next level. 

Subtle and Soft 

If you are looking for a timeless and classic way to style your jewelry opt for delicate chains and classic shapes. Stick to silver, gold, or even rose gold. Clashing chain colors can be great for a fun boho look but appear too haphazard for a classic look. 


Speaking of boho, you can put together an eclectic look by layering chains and going over the top with accessories. Put a ring on every finger, layer up on beaded bracelets, and put on that big bold statement necklace. 

Jewelry can be the most distinct part of a signature look. Try playing with different styles, sizes, and colors. 

Scarves Around More Than Your Neck

An inventive and fun way to spice up any outfit is with colorful patterned silk scarves. These can be woven into your hair, used as a belt, or as a new strap for your purse. Bigger scarves can even be worn as a top in the warmer months. Try pairing a bright and colorful scarf with an otherwise monochrome outfit. The scarf itself can be a huge statement piece. 

Hosiery with Personality

One of our favorite seasonal trends is hosiery. Gone are the days of having to wear basic nylons – there are now tights with fun patterns, colors, and even cheeky phrases that will make everyone look at you twice. As the weather cools down tights are a great way to keep your shorter skirts still in rotation. 

Accents That Accentuate 

Accessories are an excellent way to bring your personality into outfits that may have begun to feel tired and boring. Whether it’s a fun new hair clip, a colorful scarf, or a pair of tights with a cheeky pattern you can truly elevate any look. 

Accessories can help you bring together an outfit and try out a new style without too much pressure. 

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