Top Fashion Trends for College Students in 2023

latest streetwear styles in 2023

Going to college is a milestone moment in your journey of growth and self-discovery. While pursuing a thorough education in your chosen discipline is essential to building your prospects for a successful career, your college years are also instrumental towards shaping your identity and values. Being intentional about the way you style your outfits can help build your confidence as you embark on this journey. 

But if your schedule is flooded with classes and club meetings, don’t fret! There are plenty of ways to revive your wardrobe. You can save time by shopping from an online women’s clothing boutique or exchange and borrow pieces from your roommates. As you prepare for the new semester, here are a few fashion trends making the rounds that can help you turn heads on campus.

4 College Fashion Trends to Try in 2023

Color Blocking

Although color blocking has been a popular style statement for years, this trend has made a huge comeback in 2023, and is so easy to replicate with new and existing pieces in your wardrobe. The key to color blocking is being playful and bold with your choices. 

Go through your closet and pick 2 to 3 colors that stand out to you. The rule of thumb is to limit the number of colors and simply stick to them. Color blocking can also be done subtly and it’s definitely something to try for your formal ensembles as well. Forego your run-of-the-mill black and white formals and try wearing a well-tailored suit with a colorful pocket square or tie for your next fancy gathering.

Color blocking is a great way to wear pieces in your closet that you may otherwise find hard to style. If being bold and bright is the order of the day, then you have no excuse not to whip out that aqua colored blouse or those bright yellow shorts you never wear.

Create Interest with Texture

Mixing it up with interesting textures has been a recurring theme on 2023 fashion runways and style feeds. By incorporating irregular fabrics and textures into your wardrobe, you can take your everyday college outfits up a notch. Remember not to overdo it – instead, try to just switch out one piece in your outfit for a garment with a different texture.

Replace your cotton button down with a silk shirt, or choose a jute tote bag instead of your regular purse. Wear linen pants instead of denims, or opt for patterned mesh tops – these are just a few examples of everyday items available in textured fabrics. But if you’re not looking to make a huge commitment, you can achieve a similar effect with small accessories as well. 

Look for items that can transform the appearance of basic pieces; something like a golden body chain worn on top of a crisp white shirt can elevate an everyday piece effortlessly. Alternatively, a silk scarf worn in your hair is a simple addition to your look that will take it from campus chic to runway rogue.

Crossing Over to Streetwear

This year, streetwear is back and trending in full swing. You can join in on the latest streetwear styles in 2023 with a few small tweaks to your wardrobe. Thrifting and vintage shopping are great ways to add unique and fun pieces to your collection. Think about pairing functional and comfortable items with bright accessories or statement shoes. 

Snapback hats or chain jewelry are staples for many streetwear looks. You can play with mixed silhouettes, such as a relaxed fit pair of trousers or cargos with a comfortable tank top or t-shirt. As far as accessories go, adding pins and stickers to your personal belongings can also accentuate your look.

Go Graphic  

Graphic tees have forever been a fashion favorite for college outfits. For this 2023 fashion trend, you can go two routes. Either embrace the baggy look with colorful oversized graphic t-shirts. Or, dip your toes into the resurging Y2K trend with baby tees showcasing cool quotes or your favorite band’s artwork. 

Throwing on a graphic t-shirt is a no-fuss way to nail your college outfit and showcase your personality. Cool graphic designs on your clothes can also act as conversation starters when you’re bored in class. Pair your favorite graphic t-shirt or hoody with a trusty pair of denims or your most comfortable leggings for a relaxed yet personalized look. You can even incorporate graphic tees into your streetwear collection.

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Ace Every Outfit This Semester

The best way to recreate these fashion trends is by making them your own. Which is why it’s important to look through your wardrobe and make intentional purchases that go well with your existing pieces. Trying out a new trend can be fun if you remember to respect your personal style and create a blend between the two.

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